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The offers may be booked in following languages: German, English

Tours of the Parliament

Offers of the visitors’ service General information Programme

On days without parliamentary session you have the opportunity to take part in an interesting information programme on the composition, role and working methods of the State Parliament. With a group of minimum 10 and maximum 40 persons you may register at the visitor’ service. Whenever possible, the programme includes the visit of the plenary hall. Furthermore, on request we arrange a conversation with Members of the State Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Registration as single visitor

As a single visitor, you have the opportunity to register any time and at short notice to visit a session of the State Parliament or a public hearing. Please, contact the visitors’ service on this matter. The appointments of the plenary sessions can be found in the parliamentary schedule. During the red marked weeks, the plenary sessions usually take place on Wednesday and Thursday.
We hope for your understanding that our information programme is offered to visiting groups of minimum 10 to maximum 40 persons.

Registration for tours of the Parliament

If interested, please e-mail us with your desired date (Monday to Friday) and your contact details:
Visitors’ service of the Parliament
Lennéstraße 1
19053 Schwerin

The tours may be booked in following languages: German, Lower German, English, Frensh, Spanish

Castle tours

In a varied guided tour through the non-public areas of Schwerin Castle you have the opportunity to get to know the former seat of the Dukes of Mecklenburg. From the magnificent dome you may enjoy the view over the city of Schwerin and visit the first Protestant church in Northern Germany, combined with a look into the plenary hall of the Parliament Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The tour fee-based tour takes about 90 minutes.
Castle tours are available upon arrangement on weekends and from Monday to Friday from 15:30 p.m. depending on parliamentary events.

The following costs arise:

up to 10 persons - 100 Euro
up to 20 persons - 160 Euro

Registration for Tours of the Castle

Contact person
Mrs. Dominik Peters
Phone: +49 385 525 2163

Museum tour

On a tour of the public areas, you may visit the former state and residential rooms of the Grand Ducal Family in the museum.
Contact person
Mr. Andreas Ohde
+49 385 525 2920

Projects and events of the Parliament

Via numerous events and projects, the Parliament invites citizens, associations, societies, companies and institutions to inform about the work of the Members of Parliament, to take part in public political discussions and to present opinions and demands to the federal state politics.


- Parliament for the elderly
- Environmental prize of the Parliament


- open day of the State Parliament
- Castle Talks
- Parliamentary evenings
- Day of Remembrance for the Victims of National Socialism

Youth projects

- Youth in the Parliament
- Youth debates
- Youth encounter days at the Memorial Museum Ravensbrück
- Carol Singers Welcoming of the Parliament